Euclid Logistics



Contract Type:  Subcontractor

Client: Home Depot

Partners/GC: Divcon Inc

Divisions: Commercial floor



The Spokane Business & Industrial Park in Spokane Valley, WA is one of the largest business and industrial parks in the nation. Today “The Park” as it is nicknamed has over 120 resident companies, 5 million plus square feet and employs in excess of 4500 people. In mid-2019, The Park’s owner and management company planned a new expansion to transform the southeast corner of the development.  Plans called for the construction of new space in multiple buildings to be called Euclid Logistics– a state of the art distribution and logistics center to be completed by the end of 2019.

CR Concrete completed the project and delivered the following results:


  • 120,000 Square Feet Industrial Concrete Tilt Building
  • Poured 7″ SOG in three pours averaging 40,000 square feet for each pour.
  • Cameron-Reilly utilized the Somero® S-840 Laser Screed with a rake head to pre-rake concrete, with a one time pass with the Somero® S-22EZ Advanced Laser Screed®.
  • All three SOG pours averaged over 900 cubic yards, averaged over 150 cubic yards/hour.
  • There were multiple hours where Cameron-Reilly poured over 220 cubic yards/hour.
  • Cameron-Reilly tailgated the concrete as there was no rebar in the slab. Average FF of 70, FL of 50.
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