CR Concrete Safety

Training & recordkeeping are where we excel

We complete SSSP for every job & JHA’s weekly thereafter, audits monthly, we have OSHA 30 hour foremen & 10 hour leads. We have our Accident Prevention Program  & our safety performance/quality control is supervised by Inland Northwest AGC- we have been safety award winners consistently for decades we are innovators in training – The investment in the future of C.R. Concrete. Our monthly foremen’s meeting  Team building exercises – Incentives for better performance – safety incentive, bonuses etc.


We invest in leadership training for our superintendents – recognition for safety milestones

Our EMR for the last 3 years are.

2019 – .7367

2020 – .7666

2021 – .796

CR Cares

CR Concrete values the health & wellbeing of our employees as our highest priority. The “don’t talk about it – be about it” approach to safety means investing in our employees’ futures with our safety incentive program & our industry leading training programs. From day one, each employee starts their training with CR Concrete to better prepare them for the hazards they may face throughout their days both on and off the job. It is the belief of CR Concrete that investing directly into the education of our employees is our greatest tool when creating a safety conscious, efficient, effective, high-quality workforce.


It is the policy of CR Concrete to:


  • Train every employee initially, weekly & annually
  • Maintain a safe & healthy workplace for all employees in compliance with applicable laws & regulations
  • Promote a positive attitude towards safety & training
  • Establish safety & health objectives for all levels of management & employees
  • Provide management leadership training
  • Regularly review & evaluate safety, health, & security programs & procedures


CR Concrete is committed to setting a new standard in construction; to be the most stable, safest, & most rewarding place to work for the benefit of our employees, customers, & community.